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As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we are honored to amplify the voices of editors on the Fandom platform through the Maker Series! Today, the Fandom Star, known as JazieCult, shares their thoughts on Hispanic Heritage Month, and creators on the platform while shining a light on the many editors who made their community experience remarkable. This editor's story is quite special, as the adoration is focused on the community and the many people who are making magic happen behind the scenes. Read on and learn more about JazieCult!



Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you have any hobbies outside of editing wikis?

JazieCult: Yes, I do! I am a Salvadoran-American who currently lives in Texas! Aside of wiki editing, I love to spend my time with drawing, reading articles, and spending time with my friends as well as my favorite communities! I also like to listen to music; this can be any type of genre, but I am mostly into Electro Swing and Jazz music. (Fun fact: I love Will Wood!)

2. How did you first become involved with Fandom, and what inspired you to start editing wikis on the platform?

JazieCult: I started my journey on Fandom back on 2020 editing the Roblox Wiki, but the discovery of Fandom came back on 2019 when reading the SML wiki! At first, I just went to the Roblox wiki to read about old facts about the platform as I was interested in its history back then. Wiki Editing got to me when I saw one of my friends from the platform having an article of his own on the Wiki and saw some grammar errors so I decided to correct them. When I did that, it actually felt really good that an article now has something I wrote and millions of people can see what I wrote on it, that was my introduction to Wikis as well as using the Visual editor, and that was how it was for the entirety on my time for the Roblox Wiki. Later, South Park Archives came to my life, and here’s where my journey on Fandom took another route for me, giving me more opportunities to express myself and I still thank a lot to my dear friend HighJewElfKing (I love you, mate, thanks for everything you did to me on Fandom) to give me such opportunity! As well as other people from the English side of fandom as well as Spanish such as Taxcymus (Time to credit you, buddy :D), SkyRider747, JohnVMaster, and others!

3. Can you share a bit about your journey as a wiki editor on Fandom? What challenges have you faced, and what achievements are you most proud of?

JazieCult: Something I can say about my journey of Fandom is that it wasn’t easy to be migrating from a wiki I began when I edited wikis I tended to try to be social in some sides of the wikis such as the Roblox wiki and Stick War wiki, I met a few talented people from the community there and some that I actually still talk to from meeting them through their articles! (I see you, Diamondpistol25 and NightlyArii, thank you, friends!), the Roblox Wiki genuinely taught me how much it feels to be on a community. However, my Fandom experience turned to one of the greatest things that ever happened to me when I started contributing to South Park Archives. I met so many great people from the community and it was the wiki with which I mostly shared my knowledge. The South Park Archives community, as well as its own staff, taught me a lot about wikis, source editing basics, and many unforgettable friendships along the way, I seriously want to take the time to thank a lot to HighJewElfKing and the team to have such an welcoming community! I still credit South Park Archives towards what it did to me and teach more on what it feels to be on a community with many talented people and with great staff! The Roblox wiki too for inspiring me to begin editing, and nowadays I lead the South Park ES wiki as well as beginning to move to other wikis with my understanding such as The Amazing Digital Circus wiki and Murder Drones wiki! Currently I took a hiatus on wiki editing due to school and other life priorities but I’ve recently came back and better than ever as well!

4. Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of individuals and ancestry from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Have any Hispanic/Latin creators or influencers had a significant impact on your work or your journey on Fandom? If so, can you share who they are and how they've influenced you?

JazieCult: I don’t have a lot of Hispanic creators that inspired me, I personally always sought to have an equal share for the English and Spanish sides on Fandom. Meanwhile, on the English side there are certain people who taught me a lot about editing and certain inspiration such as HighJewElfKing (he deserves much more in my opinion) and SilasGreaves12, there is someone who pushed me over and made sure to make progress last year on the Spanish side was definitely Taxcymus. When I started editing the South Park Spanish wiki and adopted it after a suggestion from my buddy Charlie, I came to know about “La Confederación” —it’s a network of wikis that give each other support for Hispanic editors and creators! I am sure many Hispanic editors or those who lead a wiki with La confederación know what I am talking about but the truth is, Taxcy inspired me a lot to what it feels to be a leader on the Hispanic side, to have a voice as a new Hispanic creator with a goal for a wiki and I hope that if you’re reading this my friend I want you to know your efforts are very valid for us!

5. Are there any specific Hispanic/Latin creators or works that you believe deserve more recognition on the Fandom platform?

JazieCult: Not that I may know a lot about, as well as Latin creators but for someone who deserves to be mentioned is someone from the Spanish side of fandom who helped a ton when I adopted the South Park ES wiki as well as being an amazing co-worker and that’s Fandom User “FruitSaladWasTaken” also named Spring! They are from Argentina and they are a massive contributor on the Typical Colors wiki as well as someone who helped me out on the Vitolinoboss wiki (a wiki I made for a Spanish content creator as a test) and they contributed every day on the wiki when it was active last year, even on days I wasn’t available she kept pushing on. Honestly that’s someone I always admired and I feel like she deserves more recognition for her efforts as an Argentinian as well as an editor from the LGBTQIA+ community. I hope that every Hispanic creator with high ambition on starting a wiki or wanting to have their voices heard can have the best of luck with their project as well as having a lot of hopes for the future. We’re a community and I know we can all support each other and I hope we can all see everyone’s work even to those that may be small! ¡Adelante amigos, continuemos con nuestras ambiciones!

6. Can you share a bit about any specific projects or wikis you've worked on that relate to Hispanic culture, creators, or characters?

JazieCult: Hispanic inspiration I see! Definitely a project that I currently shelved for the South Park ES wiki which it’s a project to include many Hispanic characters from the series and refill their article information! As well as making articles of such countries. I was planning to start this a while back but time got too short for me but now that I am back with more free time I can start this as soon as the first few weeks of October have started! There’s also other things I’ve tried to do on the South Park ES wiki to make it available for many fans of the show from many different Latin counties too! Hopefully I can also share my culture as well and continue embracing Hispanic culture on the wikis I also contribute aside of South Park Wiki ES! Such as the English side of it such as South Park archives!

7. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, are there any special contributions or edits you've made or plan to make to highlight Hispanic/Latine creators or works?

JazieCult: Yes I do, currently I’ve been thinking on launching some sort of blog posts to highlight Hispanic culture on South Park ES wiki, I just don’t know if our community will be interested to share out their stories as well as if it’ll be stories that can come from the social side of the community such as from discussions or editing. However I do think every Hispanic creator deserves a chance to share their voice so that’s something I am thinking on doing! I am also thinking on making a blog post on the wikis I may be active or have contributed using the HHM2023 template to highlight my points as an Hispanic creator and others as well. Of course this is still something I am planning for the current future.

8. How has being a part of the Fandom community enriched your understanding or appreciation of Hispanic culture or creators?

JazieCult: Being in the Hispanic side of Fandom has definitely taught me a lot on different perspectives different people on the community have and honestly that’s something I respect a lot for all the Hispanic creators on Fandom! They make and try their best to make everything they got suitable for others to enjoy as well as building up communities for people that got the same interests as them! It really has taught me how much it means to be on a community full of diversity and with different perspectives! Including the communities I enjoy a lot such as the community I’ve built over at South Park ES wiki and Archives!

9. What advice would you give to new contributors who want to start a wiki related to Hispanic/Latin creators or content?

JazieCult: For new contributors out there who want to start a wiki talking about something from Hispanic culture, you should first think on what certain subject or theme from Hispanic culture you want to talk about mainly. This can be a franchise from any cartoon or content creator that originates from a certain place in Central or South America; examples are El Chavo or El Chapulín Colorado, even a creator you look out for or a series you maybe want to share with Hispanic communities! Sharing our culture can also connect us with many people who can have different perspectives on different cultures! I wish everyone luck who wants to see what they can do with something from our Hispanic culture because it can be something that we all can enjoy together and recognize as well as learn from it.

10. How do you see the representation of Hispanic culture and creators changing or evolving on the Fandom platform?

JazieCult: It’s beautiful to see to say the least, when I came to Fandom for the first time I always thought Fandom was always just an English-speaking platform, sure there were other communities with different languages as I’ve said before, but with what I mean is that I always saw Fandom to just only celebrating differences and other communities but not other sides of Fandom, that’s why ever since 2021 when I realized that Fandom was doing their best to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations I was really happy about it. It convinced me to join to Hispanic communities as well and embrace more of my Salvadoran culture to wherever I went! Fandom has definitely grown to be a community that has a lot of diversity and willing to listen to different perspectives of their contributors, which in my opinion makes Fandom great!

11. Lastly, how do you plan to celebrate or acknowledge Hispanic Heritage Month on the Fandom platform? Are there any particular events or activities you're looking forward to?

JazieCult: Definitely write a blog post talking about my experiences on fandom on the Hispanic side of things, maybe tell silly stories on my time at South Park ES wiki and, as mentioned before, being the community of ours together to share their stories as well! Looking back to the questions I’ve put here, it made me realize how much the Hispanic side of Fandom has made me feel as a different person and the many friendships I’ve made along the way, either from the different wiki communities I’m in! To celebrate Hispanic heritage, I’m also thinking of seeing all Hispanic heritage blog posts that were made on different wikis! Thank you, Fandom, for letting us have a voice!

Thank you, JazieCult, for the wonderful work you've done on the platform! We appreciate you taking the time to share more about yourself while expressing your gratitude for the amazing editors on the Fandom platform. You are a true community builder, and we appreciate you!

Stay tuned for more Hispanic Heritage Month content on Fandom!

This blog post was made for Hispanic Heritage Month 2023!
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