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As we conclude Fandom’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the editors and communities that contributed! Whether it be through blogs, editor stories, attending roundtables, or hosting your own events, your contributions matter and make a significant impact to the Fandom community. Together, we honored various makers in entertainment, ranging from Héctor’s list of video game developer studios continuing to see great success through their titles to the history of Fandom’s Hispanic communities through the words and journey’s of our editors.

We thought we would do something a little different with the concluding blog, and truly amplify the voices of our community members. This blog was written by the Fandom Star, GreenWithin. His contribution to our Maker Series has been greatly appreciated and he mentioned the impact the Resident Evil 4 voice actor, André Peña, made in gaming and in culture. It was a long shot, but we wanted to bring two friends together to celebrate each other and their culture and pulled off a special surprise.

André’s advice resonates and shows that you should always keep going! You may experience challenges along the way, but joy is always on the other side. We certainly hope André’s message resonates with you as well. Read on to learn how you can continue your editing journey on fandom and foster a healthy relationship with your fellow community members!

André’s advice resonates and shows that you should always keep going! You may experience challenges along the way, but joy is always on the other side. We certainly hope André’s message resonates with you as well. Read on to learn how you can continue your editing journey on fandom and foster a healthy relationship with your fellow community members!

Green, take it away!!

Tips to Foster Friendly Relationships with Hispanic Communities Across Fandom[]

GreenWithin avatar

Meet GreenWithin!

Hello everyone! I'm Green, and it's a pleasure to be here for my now second time for Hispanic Heritage Month. It's been a blast reading Jazie's and FD's blogs, and I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I have! In this occasion, I'd like to share with you some stuff about myself and how's my life outside of the platform as a native spanish speaker, and what you can do to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Fandom, and across social media. Get cozy, grab some snacks, hold your editing tasks, and allow me to share with you my vision this year of HHM 2023.

A little bit about myself[]

Outside of my wiki activities (moment of silence for WikiActivity. It may be gone, but never forgotten), I'm currently a student in high school, and I'll be very soon enrolling in college (fingers crossed for October 2024). I'm proudly mexican, and I've been here in the platform since 2016. As you've probably seen from my last year's post about HHM (if you haven't already and you'd like to know more about myself, now's the time to give it a quick read), I first edited on an english wiki to then transition to spanish wikis on around 2018, this wiki being the spanish Five Nights at Freddy's community; and yes, I'll be seeing the upcoming film in theatres the very first day of the premiere. Mark my words, it'll be SO good.

Elefante MexicanBand HHM2023

Elefante marked my childhood, and it's one of my dad's favorite bands.

My first exposure to hispanic TV series and content was through analog TV. I watched some mexican classics, like El Chavo del 8 and El Chapulín Colorado, and I have a lot of fond memories watching drama (in spanish we'd like to call 'em "telenovelas") like La Rosa de Guadalupe, which brings me plenty of nostalgia when I came back to school and watch it alongside my mother. I'm very passionate about music, and I have a lot favorite hispanic musicians. My all time favorites are Natalia Lafourcade, Belanova, Los Enanitos Verdes, and my absolute top 1 of them all, Elefante. I play guitar as a hobby, as I've been practicing for more than 6 years pretty much, and I know some songs of most of these artists in guitar! My singing isn't the best, but I'm slowly getting there.

My most recent hispanic role model for me is André Peña, the VA of Luis Serra in the most recent installment, Resident Evil 4 Remake. I fell in complete love with this game, and a big factor here was the phenomenal job made by André of his interpretation of Luis, and not only nailing the job, but making a huge improvement over his portrayed character. The accent is simply perfect, where you can understand his lines whilst also knowing that the character speaks spanish natively; the charisma and love poured into this character made me enjoy the game so much, making it so worthwhile and fun playing the game while seeing Luis coming to life and absolutely taking the spotlight during points in the game. I've had the pleasure of talking with him face to face (hopefully you'll be able to see my experience with that soon!!), and I can say for certain that he's the perfect fit for Luis and I'm really hoping to see more of him in more Resident Evil games.

How can I get involved?[]

If you've made this question to yourself before, then you're in the right place! There's a ton of ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month here in Fandom, the most preferred one being blogs or Discussion posts made to highlight hispanic people of their own favorite franchises. While this is a great practice, there's a lot more you can do and I'd like to share with y'all some ideas.

Visit the spanish wiki of your favorite fandom[]

YouTubePedia SpanishWiki HHM2023

YouTubePedia has one of the best wiki designs among the spanish wikis, credits to Haobo12.

Let's say you're a big fan of YouTubers, and you'd like to know more about how it's like for content creation in this platform for hispanics. For that, you can visit YouTubePedia, the spanish wiki of the popular Wikitubia! You can search for plenty of content here, give a quick glance to the articles shared in the main page, and exploring creators you seem interested in. You might be surprised too and find familiar faces! There's a lot to find.

This is one of many awesome examples you can find in Fandom for spanish wikis. Are you a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh? We've got you covered too in the spanish Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki. What about One Piece? We've got that as well. Visit articles, engage with Discussion posts, and give yourself some time to really get a full grasp of the amount of talent and effort our hispanic editors have poured into the wikis made for you and for native spanish speakers.

If you can't find your favorite fandom wiki yet, you can encounter a lot of passionate hispanic editors across Fandom which can help you finding what you're looking for. You can do so by joining Fandom's Discord server and asking about it so we can help you on finding the wiki. If it hasn't been created yet, we have the #topic-suggestions-chat channel where you can let other international editors know about this and make it a known topic. Intention is what matters the most!

Engage in social media[]

SearchRecommendation X HHM2023

Quick tip of how to search for HHM posts in X.

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in a lot of sites! The ones I'd like to focus on for now are X (previously known as Twitter) and Instagram.

Instagram is my favorite because it has a very engaging and active flow of posts daily. What you can do is go into the app, go to the search tab, and type "hispanic heritage month". As you'll probably notice, you can look for posts, reels, accounts, and so on and so furth. The one that I like to check the most are the hashtags, since it gives you a lot of variety and places to look. It's a great way of finding educational posts about this celebration, and also finding what other users are most passionate about.

X, similarly to Instagram, shares a lot of content daily, but the reason why I want to mention this is because it's way easier to filter your results. What I personally like to do is type in the search bar "#HispanicHeritageMonth Fandom", that way I can find posts made by Fandom's X account and get to see how much we're celebrating this and which creators and personalities are being highlighted as well. Fandom is making an amazing effort with this, and it can be seen on each post made in that account.

Share stories and anecdotes[]

The hispanic cultural influence can be present in a lot of ways, but something that we find interesting is how each one of us has different experiences, even if it's the spanish language. Anecdotes from school, meeting a hispanic friend, or even engaging with a hispanic editor here at Fandom. Hispanic Heritage Month serves as a great time to share all these stories and finding common topics to talk about. There's a lot of passionate people here that would like to know more about yourself, and also that would like to share more about their culture!

Spread the word[]

Last, but not least, share with others about Hispanic Heritage Month. Something that surprised me a bit was to ask my friends about this and not knowing about its existence until I mentioned it. HHM is a beautiful celebration where hispanics can come out and share their cultural background and stories, as you've seen on these past few blogs. I would love to see more people talking about their experience, having the time to check the amazing work others are doing, and really getting to see how passionate we all are with the work we do daily. There's so much content out there that deserves a lot of recognition, and deserves some minutes of your time for you to check out and see how much we enjoy sharing our experience with y'all. It's an understatement to say that this has been a pleasure, and I'm greatful for all the opportunities that have been given to me and to a lot of hispanic editors in these recent years here at Fandom.

Thank you for your time on hearing me out, and I hope to see you all again for the next next Hispanic Heritage Month! 💚

HHM Contributors[]

Thank you to the many community members and Communities that celebrated HHM with us! Check out their amazing blogs!

  • Spider-Man Wiki - Technobliterator does a wonderful job taking us Behind-the Scenes of Spider-Man. He explores the developers process as they incorporate Miles' Hispanic heritage into their portrayal of the character, and they also touched on his comic book history!

Of course we couldn’t end without extending our thanks to our Fandom Stars that submitted editor stories and blogs.

If you've contributed and would like us to add your blog to the list, please share your link in the comments section. Thank you for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with us!

This blog post was made for Hispanic Heritage Month 2023!

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