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We’re thrilled to celebrate and honor creators and editors throughout the month of May for Asian American Pacific Islander Month. This year’s theme will focus on Visibility and Amplification. Shining a light on individuals is only part of the experience, amplifying voices and creating spaces for people to share their story is where the magic happens. As we continue to tell diverse stories, we want to shine a light on creators of various backgrounds and share their journey with the community. This is also a chance to explore your favorite and new fandoms through an “only on Fandom” experience. Join us for roundtables, an interview series featuring creators, and a few surprises along the way!

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Asian American Pacific Islander Month Observance:

Asian Pacific Islander Month began in the late 1970s and was initially known as Asian American Heritage week. After 10 years, congress finally observed AAPI Month as a full month-long celebration in 1990. It’s important to celebrate AAPI Month as Asian Americans have contributed significantly to American culture—science, sports, activism and entertainment to name a few.

It is important to mention the challenges the AAPI community have faced within the last few years, as discrimination and violence have been on the rise. Together, we can make a concerted effort as a community to create safe spaces for everyone and discuss the power of visibility and amplification throughout the month.

Maps and Quizzes:

This is your chance to test your knowledge, learn something new, and explore some exciting new features we’ve brought to the Fandom platform. If you haven’t heard, interactive maps are here and we’re excited for you to check them out! We thought it would be great to connect AAPI IPs with a few of the awesome maps and quizzes made for and by the community.

Stay tuned for future posts highlighting some amazing maps created! In the meantime, check out a few of the quizzes and tell us how you did in the comments!


Finally, we’d like to present our recommendations across movies, shows, gaming, and lifestyle that you may or may not be familiar with. Check out some recommended IPs along with links to access quizzes and share your favorite Asian American Pacific Islander characters, actors, creators, and IPs with us in the comments below!

We look forward to having you join the celebration! When we see one, we see all!




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