Hi FANDOM community! My name is Jonky555 and I'd like to share with you all my great project, Frojo Apps Wiki. I made this wiki so you can get and learn anything about Frojo Apps. Frojo Apps is the game team, and they make games.

Moy, my favourite Frojo Apps character.

Few years ago, I saw one of the Frojo Apps games. I really was interested in Frojo Apps games, so I installed one and started playing. Then, I really liked them, so, after few days, I installed some more.

I'm still playing Frojo Apps Games.

If you are interested into my topic, or you like or love Frojo Apps games, then please join my wiki. I really need contributors since I have only few. So far, our wiki has 41 pages but we want some more. We want our wiki to be very popular, like other wikis.

I would love if you'd join the wiki and you'd write at least one page about my topic.

So, what you are waiting for? Join now!

Here is a link to my wiki:

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