Howdy Lifestyle admins!

If you've been following the exciting news on Community Central, you've probably heard about our new look which is currently in beta testing. Haven't heard anything yet? Check the New Look FAQ or this announcement.

As a Lifestyle admin, your wiki will be among the first to test out our new look. To help you prepare for this change, we've added you to the beta testing group, where you can access the Theme Designer, test new functionality and prepare your wiki for the switch.

How to Prepare Your Wiki

  1. First Access the New Look: Now that you've gotten beta access, Wikia will look a bit different (you're now viewing it with our new look!). Don't worry, the new design is fully customizable! You can also go back to the old look in your Preferences (check under the Skin tab).
  2. Then, Set up Your Theme: This will allow you to access the all new Theme Designer which makes it easier than ever to create a special look you’ll love for your wiki. There are also preset themes you can choose from.
  3. Finally, Make Your Changes: After you've picked a new theme, you may want to start a community discussion to discuss what other changes you may wish to make to your wiki. Check the Transition Guide for tips.


We're doing a slow roll out of the new look. Here's a few dates to keep in mind. On October 6, every wiki in the Lifestyle Hub (including yours!) will showcase the new look and all new wikis will be created with the new look. On October 20, all users will see the new look on every wiki. The blog has more detailed timeline information.

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