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    Jen Burton is the Vice President of Community at Fandom powered by Wikia and has been with the company since 2011. She co-wrote this post with William Schulze, Senior Vice President of Business Development, who has been with the company since 2012.

    Most big websites are built around a product or a service. Google is all about finding any piece of information you possibly can. Facebook and Twitter are about using a platform to express yourself as an individual. That's typical of most websites—but Fandom is different, and much bigger than just a product or service. It's a place where people come together collectively, to bring their individual passions and knowledge into a greater whole. As Fandom staff, that gives us the privilege of empower…

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    Wikia, Inc. is built on a bedrock of collaboration. Everyday, fans work together on Fandom powered by Wikia to build communities and share what they love. Our new home for charitable giving,, is designed specifically to highlight another type of collaboration that is key to our values as a company: advocacy and charitable efforts. Wikia, Inc., the parent company of Fandom and, is committed to giving back to the global community through social awareness, volunteer work, and donations.

    As part of that commitment, we want to give our Fandom communities the chance to channel their passions for helping others by voting on causes that are important to them.

    We are proud to announce our first annual community selection…

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    Last week, we announced a beta partnership with Rotten Tomatoes for their “TV Tomatometer.” The new TV Zone is featuring a limited set of Wikia episode content, and as we evolve out of beta we'd like to expand the TV communities featured. In order to do so, we have some tips for making your content most readable for the TV Zone experience.

    As both Rotten Tomatoes and Wikia are working out kinks in the product, we do have some best practices that we suggest all TV focused wikias implement - this will help improve the reading and editing experience for all visitors to your community.

    We suggest using a clear and consistent format for all your episode pages that include headings to separate sections (Plot, Synopsis, Trivia, Cast etc). The…

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    Announcing Wikia Day, 2011

    December 12, 2011 by Jenburton

    Hey Wikians!

    In the past year or so, our staff has been growing substantially and many work in roles you may never see. Everyone from HR to designers to marketing to sales and, of course, our new CEO.

    So, what are we going to do about it?

    This Friday, December 16, the Wikia staff will be spending the entire work day on Wikia - we’ll be contributing, editing and creating new wikis in this first Wikia Day.

    The goal is to have everyone on staff gain more experience using Wikia from all fronts.

    We’re going to hold staff contests in the following areas:

    • Best looking new wikis (for those created during Wikia Day)
    • Most ambitious or well traveled (for those staff who clean up or edit across lots of wikis)
    • Most bugs found or reported
    • And a secret award we’…
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  • Jenburton

    Halloween is just a few, short days away. Are you doing anything special on your wiki this year, like adding dripping blood (shudder), creeping spiders, or floating bats to your pages? Maybe Michael Myers will be making a special guest appearance?

    We want to hear about your community's Halloween plans this year. Post a link in the comments below so we can all marvel at your spooktactular creativity!

    In the meantime, check out our list of horror wikis to put you in the Halloween mood. Also, check out these two scary wikis:

    • Wiki Hunt
    • Saw Films Wiki

    Or maybe you’re more into treats than tricks. Check out these crafts and dessert ideas:

    • Eyeball Cookies on Desserts Wiki
    • Halloween Jar Lanterns on EasyCrafts Wiki
    • More ideas on the Halloween Wiki
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