One of the most exciting parts of Featured Video production is being able to work directly with users like you on script writing. You're some of the biggest experts in your fandoms, and no one can bring more knowledge to a FANDOM video script than you. That's why we've given users the opportunity to share Featured Video scripts that FANDOM can produce into full-fledged videos.

To learn how to participate, and to meet some of the members of our Featured Video team, check out this video we put together!

Community-Created Scripts for Video

Any questions? Let us know in the comments, and share your script today!


Jada Griffin Fandom Staff

Jada Griffin is the Video Community Manager of Gaming at FANDOM. She's an Avid Gamer who roots for villains in Games & Movies. Her main fandoms are Zelda, FF, DMC, D&D and most things Marvel/DC. She always Maxes STR & LCK and lives life on hard mode while searching for Pizza & the next difficulty level
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