Hi, you're an admin on a wiki so you would be wondering what do I do about registration? Well, you can't control that. But here's a way that can make you feel like you can...sort of. It's when you enable the feature that requires all contributors to log in, preventing anonymous edits. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.


  1. Possible way to prevent spam - Anonymous contributors are often associated with spam and vandalism. While this is not always true, some may still get a bit sceptical about anons. And if your wiki is one where a lot of anons do a lot of spam, that can be a way to cut down although it should be noted that registered users can spam as well.
  2. Keeping track of edits - Anons can change their IPs or use VPNs in this day and age so whether they are doing edits to help or not, it can be difficult to see if they are actually the same person. This is not sockpuppetry but it can lead to issues and disorganisation. Having an account avoids this as all you'd need to do to contribute would be to make an edit. Also block evasions require an alternative account which is a violation of the Terms of Use so if you know it's them, it's easier to punish.
  3. Community building - Anonymous users can edit the wiki and are able to help but there are lots of restrictions. They can't upload images, they can't join chat, they can't participate in Discussions, they can't get Achievements, they can't get promoted and on democratically-run wikis, they often can't vote. Creating an account would allow the contributor to do more of those things.
  4. Reminding users to log in - Let's say an anonymous contributor edits a registered contributor's userpage. Their edit gets reverted. However, it turns out it was that user who just forgot to log in. Making it compulsory can and will remind users to log in before making an edit to prevent confusion.


  1. Anonymity threatened? - Some may feel uncomfortable creating an account to edit on a wiki and may wish to go by no name but are unable to due to the restrictions.
  2. Necessity? - Is it really necessary? Protecting all articles as semi-protected may be an option but would it really have to be necessary to register just to comment on a page or message someone?

There may be more I might have missed so feel free to let me know in the comments.

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