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  • JK55556

    Customizing Your Wiki

    March 31, 2018 by JK55556

    This blog helps explain the many ways you can customize and design your wiki. This blog will help new founders customize their wiki and staff members looking to redesign their wiki.

    So, you have your newly created wiki, and you have no idea what to do. Well, customizing and designing the wiki may be a good place to start! A wiki that has a "cool" design will attract more visitors and editors than a wiki that hasn't been customized. 

    The Theme Designer is a very powerful tool. You can completely change your wiki using the theme designer. The theme designer can be found under (or rather, over) "My Tools" in the toolbar near the bottom of your screen or in the admin dashboard.

    Once you enter the theme designer, it will automatically be in the "C…

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  • JK55556

    Hi everyone!

    I am JK55556, an active user of many wikis. Today, I am going to advertise my 2,500 page Flipline Fan Customers Wiki. I did a blog post on this a year ago, but that was when I didn't really know how to write. :) I also did one in 2016, and I really didn't know how to write back then either. 

    Flipline Studios is a company that makes restaurant-simulation games. There are many games that they make, ranging from Papa's Pizzeria (Pizza) to Papa's Cupcakeria (Cupcakes) to Papa's Scooperia (Cookie Sundaes). Basically, there are about 100 different customers that come in on different game "days" and they order their food. Your job is to make their order as good as possible. The better the order, the more points you receive. The more po…

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  • JK55556


    May 7, 2017 by JK55556

    Is it just me, or is the WAM website down?


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  • JK55556

    Flipline Fan Customers Wikia

    February 15, 2017 by JK55556

    Hello everyone!

    I am JK55556, and I am advertising my 1600 page Flipline Fan Customers Wikia . I did a blog post on this a year ago, but that was when I didn't know how to write :)

    Flipline Studios is a company who makes food simulation games. Papa's Pizzeria (Pizza), Papa's Cupcakeria (Cupcakes), and Papa's Bakeria (Pies) are just a few of the 13 free online games that you can play. Flipline made "customers" come in, order their food, and wait until it is ready to be given. Trust me, it is much more fun than it sounds!

    Flipline Fan Customers Wikia is a Flipline Fanon wiki, where you can create "fake" games and "fake" customers using some of the games Flipline Studios has made. Some "fan made" games created by our users are Papa's Cookieria, …

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  • JK55556

    My Wiki

    February 29, 2016 by JK55556

    Have you played flipline studios games before like Papa's Donuteris or Papa's Cheeseria? Well, this wiki is the place for you! It is a small wiki that is growing slowly but steadily. We have 4 active users. It is a flipline studios fanon wiki where you can make fanon customers and games! I created this wiki a few months ago. I am an admin along with Yoshi0001. Please help this wiki grow and be successful over the years! Here is the link! Please contact me when you join! Also, if anyone has expierience in creating infoboxes and welcome templates, I would appreciate your help!



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