Have you ever seen a movie so horrible, so inconsistent, that you loved it?

The Room is a movie that fits that description.  Released in 2004, it is a typical drama made atypical by the odd directing and acting by Tommy Wiseau, it's creator and lead actor.  Whether its the wacky vampire-looking main character, Johnny, and his unidentifiable accent, a character stating she has breast cancer in the middle of the film, or random characters showing up in the last 10 minutes of the movie, there's always something to love in The Room.

I created this Wiki because of my passion for this horrible movie, and I want to compile all the information we know about the Room, and its related media, such as The Disaster Artist (a movie about this movie coming out soon starring James Franco)  

That being said, I need contributors.  If you see this post and like bad movies, or have watched The Room before, go check out our wiki.

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