Greetings, readers. Are you fans of the Netflix series Girls Incarcerated: Young and Locked Up?

  • Have you ever wondered what became of Najwa Pollard in the end?
  • Have you ever been curious about Chrissy Hutchinson's life after the show?
  • Intrigued by what the staff past and present have been up to?
  • Curious about the Indiana Department of Correction Juvenile Division in a more general sense?
  • Itching for info about the music featured on the show?
  • Are there fan works in the making anywhere?

Ever wish there were a single go-to wiki for all of this, rather than having to scour through a million tweets and Instagram feeds? Well, then Girls Incarcerated Wiki aims to have you covered!

Do you have expertise on the soundtrack? Expertise on any of the inmates, correction staff, or education contractors featured on the show? Special insight into anyone involved in behind the scenes production? The site needs all the help it can get!

I've got most of the season 1 soundtrack documented, in the first five days of the wiki existing; but this is nowhere near enough! Let's make this the authoritative go-to wiki for all things related to the series!

If you know something relevant, if you can verify it, we're happy to have you join!

I'm accepting applications for moderators. Obviously, not a paid position; but it doesn't make much sense for a wiki centered around a show taking place at a prison to operate like the Wild West now, does it? If you can help out, pitch in or message / contact the admin today!

Let's give this series the wiki love it deserves!

IvanRider 01:05, July 5, 2019 (UTC)

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