Most people on wikis want to become an admin.

Admins jobs are not to brag about edits, or creating feuds and rivalries between normal users, and they do not wear a cape and run around screaming I will save you. To become admin, you must show your trust to a wiki.

To prove your worthy, you must choose the way of balance and elegance, stand out with your actions, your edits. Don't be asking everyday, saying you have more edits.

A warrior does not ask to win. A warrior must fight for what she or he wants. You must get ranked in the first page, stand out so admins can see you are winning a game- but being an admin isnt a game. It isn't what it seems at first, you know. You have to follow rules. Superheroes can't battle villains and set buildings on fire while battling- they never have permission. Take being an admin seriously.

The state of adminship or bureaucracy is a state of protecting a wiki. It is not about edits. You have to handle being an admin. Take this as an example- you get a cat. You must feed the cat and keep the cat safe. If you do not do these things, the cat will die- and you will no longer be a cat-owner. You will be normal. Take it seriously.

For another example, you are the queen of a kingdom. You are a bad leader- you do anything you want to against the kingdom's laws and use your royalty as an excuse. The people will think you are not fit to be a leader and will choose a new leader. Nobody would like that. So do not abuse admin rights. Just because you dont like someone, you do not block them. That is prejudice- one of the sins of humane nastiness.

Pretend you have superpowers- you can do anything, and you choose to blast things around- a building. The building falls over, putting everyone in it in danger. You will get the blame- this is the sin of pride, or advantage, one of the nastiest sins. Would you want to be blamed? No.

Do not take being admin a simple thing- it is not a game where it's just a small thing- it is a huge thing and could last very long. Think about this- all the users betray you, ask for you to be blocked- you get blocked. You can no longer log on to that wiki, and you use to be an admin. You would feel betrayed and so would the users. This is the list of consequences of abusing admin rights. You are no longer a part of something you love. You are forced to go somewehere else. It is horrible, but you shouldn't do things like these.


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