"Here, you'll find information about the characters that are created by users from either here or Fantendo. You will also find article about actual Fictional characters used widely in Fanon." -Main Page
Creating a page on FanonLand Wiki (Fantnime High School)

Creating a page on FanonLand Wiki (Fantnime High School)

FanonLand Wiki is a Anything Goes/Fanon/Create anything wiki designed in the purpose of users to share their fanworks, projects and as well original characters. Characters from media can be found there too (Example: Mario from Super Mario Bros.) as well.
FanonLand Discussion

An Example of a dicussion on FanonLand Wiki.


Mario Page Preview on FanonLand Wiki

Preview Paragrapth taken from the page Mario: "Mario is a Plumber and a Hero, who is always saving Princess Peach from the evil King Bowser.

He is Luigi's twin brother, though Mario is the older of the two by a few minutes, as stated on Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He is also smaller and slightly more broader than Luigi."

It's also where some of my friends and i often hang out.

Incase you didn't know, most pages there are a stub because we create a lot of character pages in a time frame, and the users work on the character's page and their fanon, with a well known example that Maki Nishikino, a Love Live character, is the legal guardian of Bowser Jr, a Super Mario Bros character.

Link to FanonLand Wiki, though Read the rules first if you're joining!

Fanon Examples

  • The Fanonverse, the main universe of the fanworks created by myself and my friends take place.
  • FanonTown, a town located on Fanonverse.
  • Fantnime High School, a high school.
  • WIP, Will list more examples in the future.


Q: Why most of the character pages are characters from anime?

A: Our current users enjoy anime, and they create pages of anime characters as a result.

Q: Are Inappropriate topics that don't violate Wikia's ToS allowed?

A: As long you use the Mature Template.

Q: Who made the CSS of the wiki?

A: It was mostly created by the admin LinuxFan399, though i helped a bit.

Q: Most of the character pages are stubs.
Screenshot 1821

Example of a stub page that needs some expanding.

A: Like i said before, when we the make character pages, we do in a time frame (no, there isn't any rules about a time frame, what i mean with "time frame" is when we make character pages in a certain amount of time.), and as a result they're often short. They also need to be tagged as a stub, maybe it is possible to expand it with a section containing fanon information?

Q: Are character pages from series with loads of fanservice (Example: Hyperdimension Neptunia) allowed?

A: As long either A. A Safe for Work image is used, or B. The naughty bits are censored.

Q: Am i allowed to make my own fanon?

A: Of course!

Q: In the comments of character pages, i usually find a lot of names that sound smiliar to the character's original name, what is it?

A: Character nicknaming.

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