(shameless advertising) hey i'm hydro, admin of ARPW. Now if you're into Avatar: The Last Airbender (that's right i'm talkin benders here, not the weird blue cats >_>) or Legend of Korra. you might like this place. it's a roleplaying wiki if you didn't figure that out. which takes place 250 years after Korra arrived in Republic City.

These are just some answers to some questions i'm expecting.

Q: How many Airbenders are alive, what happened to the temples?

A: Over 6 million and the 4 air temples are functioning and teaming with air nomads

Q:Is Republic City up to modern technology standards? Meaning they have internet, cell phones and video games.

A: No there haven't been too much advancement, the reason why can be explained in our story

Q:Who's the current Avatar?

A:A 23 year old man named Renshu. He was born in Republic City, but has Earth Kingdom family

Feel free to ask any more questions in the comments below and Don't be afraid to check us out

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