Recently on the South Park Archives wiki, I conducted a survey using Survey Monkey for editors and readers to take. Doing this brought fourth a lot of interesting data that the wiki administration could use to help better the experience for the community.

What questions were asked?

I asked simple questions at the start, and then allowed people to input their comments. Questions like "Is the wiki up to date with content", "Do you approve of the current administration" and the question that revealed the most information "What do you use South Park Archives for?"

What was the data revealed?

This survey revealed lots of things from user suggestions regarding wiki features and articles. To direct feedback about the administration.

Why should you do it?

I believe this is a great way to address transparency of administration, as well as find out what pages readers are visiting and reading. It also is helpful to get feedback from your editors and readers on what you could do better as administrators and what you could do better on your respective wikis.

I hope everybody has a great day and I highly encourage everybody to check out my survey data blog post Here, where I dig through the survey data and respond to the questions asked.

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