As you should notice, the Monaco skin has been upgraded. I've heard that a few wikis have had a bit of trouble, such as: The Club Penguin Wiki, who's skin has been made custom again, but the Sidebar goes over the Search box, but hopefully, most of them should be fine. Another problem that you may be having is that I've seen that on special pages, and project pages, the bottom of the screen goes over the writing, which makes it a bit hard to read, but I will have a chat to wikia and tell them the problem. What I will be doing is that I will be visiting a few wikis and seeing if they are having trouble. If any big wikis had trouble, I will be telling Wikia. The main thing I would like to tell you about are the changes you see.

  • Grey is now green: Yes. A change has been made, where you now see rounded green rectangles, rather than the old grey buttons. These will include the Save, Preview, Create article, and Search boxes (Within articles). The only one that has not changed yet is the Browse through AJAX one.
  • Search button: Like the grey buttons, the search button has also been changed. It is now a slightly rounded box, and instead or an orange arrow, it is now a magnifying glass. I have heard from a few wikis that their sidebar is going over the Search box, but tell me what you think of it, and I will tell wikia staff.

Have a nice spring, and see you soon!

G-animation.GIF 17:31, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

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