Hello! There are several great communities to edit on! Some may not have many contributors, but lots should have loads! This article lists a few of my favorite wikis...........

The Club Penguin Rocks Wiki

Wow! I LOVE this wiki! I got it to over 100 articles on! The very sad news is that no contributors ever go to it. Not even it's administrator. It would be nice if one of you guys could contribute to it if you play or have played on Club Penguin. The link is Here.

Wikia Help

Ahhh... Wikia help! Sadly, I have been given a temporary block for putting different pictures for links on the main page. At least it wasn't a permanent one. These are screenshots of the one I made with the proper one side by side.

The real wikia help homepage. The contribute that got me blocked (Those pictures that were on there have now been deleted).

Gourleyo Talk to me! | Watch my blog -- Electric_Guitar_Animation.gif 16:43, March 8, 2010 (UTC)

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