Gourleyo Gourleyo 1 October 2011

Creating a totally new theme

Today, I'm not telling you, I'm asking you something. Does anybody know if it's possible for a wiki to change the layout (using CSS) of the Wikia skin or if it's possible for a user to intergrate a skin of their own? Post your comments below!

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Gourleyo Gourleyo 17 September 2011

Tips for your wikis main page

Hello, I am Gourleyo, a Wikia user. Today I am going to give you a few tips on how to create a fancy and good main page. Here is my walkthrough to a success of a main page.

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Gourleyo Gourleyo 18 March 2010

Monaco update

As you should notice, the Monaco skin has been upgraded. I've heard that a few wikis have had a bit of trouble, such as: The Club Penguin Wiki, who's skin has been made custom again, but the Sidebar goes over the Search box, but hopefully, most of them should be fine. Another problem that you may be having is that I've seen that on special pages, and project pages, the bottom of the screen goes over the writing, which makes it a bit hard to read, but I will have a chat to wikia and tell them the problem. What I will be doing is that I will be visiting a few wikis and seeing if they are having trouble. If any big wikis had trouble, I will be telling Wikia. The main thing I would like to tell you about are the changes you see.

  • Grey is now gre…
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Gourleyo Gourleyo 8 March 2010

Great communities to edit on!

Hello! There are several great communities to edit on! Some may not have many contributors, but lots should have loads! This article lists a few of my favorite wikis...........

Wow! I LOVE this wiki! I got it to over 100 articles on! The very sad news is that no contributors ever go to it. Not even it's administrator. It would be nice if one of you guys could contribute to it if you play or have played on Club Penguin. The link is Here.

Ahhh... Wikia help! Sadly, I have been given a temporary block for putting different pictures for links on the main page. At least it wasn't a permanent one. These are screenshots of the one I made with the proper one side by side.

The real wikia help homepage.
The contribute that got me blocked (Those pictures…

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