Alright, I've been arguing both sides of this for awhile and finally, User:Devilmanozzy mentioned that I should make a blog post on it, so here it is. Most of us users are reeling over the loss of our beloved Monaco skin, that is to be permanently replaced on November 3rd, 2010 with a New Skin called Oasis. Originally, I was outraged by this as many of you are, but in the past three to four days, due to being a beta tester, I have been personally testing out the New Look. At first, this was to point out any kinks in it to convince my community to move to a new host, namely ShoutWiki. After half an hour on the new look, it was already beginning to grow on me. That being said, I'm here to settle some issues I have with both sides of the issue; the Wikia staff and those angry Users out there that have felt the need to lash out.

My first point will be directed towards the Wikia Staff members. Firstly, thank you all for your hard work in trying to create as good of a Wikia as you possibly can. I think I speak for all of us when I say you all have done wonderful jobs at making Wikia and all of the wikis in it what they are today. Now then, here is my issue with your part in this new look;

  1. It feels too rushed. I'm personally no longer against the mandatory change, but I feel you should lengthen the amount of time for users to get use to the change before making it permanent, allowing for it to grow on them and for them to adjust.
  2. Secondly, I really think you should listen to us Users about content space. That is the one thing still bugging me about this new look. Info will have to be almost completely re-written and images deleted in order to fix the pages to fit the new look. This defeats the purpose of a Wikia, even if it isn't encyclopedic.
  3. Lastly, I really think you should answer to as many user questions as is possible. I know you are doing your best to answer us, but a lot of users are feeling left out or unanswered because you haven't gotten to their question specifically.

My second point it to the Anti-Wikia Alliance members who have made such a ruckus of the blogs in the recent days. At first, I was one of your members that had decided to move their wiki to a new host. After testing the beta for myself, I have decided against such a move. Now, here are my issues with you;

  1. Your members act unruly and are often outright rude in their blog comments, as if being apart of this alliance makes them something to be feared. Be reminded that Wikia is a company, and if they didn't make the money they did via the ads they place on these pages, you'd have to pay for access to Wikia or worse, there would be no Wikia at all. Be civil in your comments, and try to post only constructive criticism in your blog posts. Further more, stop reposting and advertising this group. Let other users think about what they want to say or who they want to side with without posting "join the AWA!" a thousand times in a blog post.
  2. Secondly, listen to the Staff as you'd have them listen to you. A lot of you don't even take the time to read the numerous blogs and pages the staff have put up to answer your questions. All of you that claim the staff is "dodging your questions" stop it now. There are six staff and thousands of us users, they cannot personally respond to everyone of your questions. Read the FAQ and the other articles and blogs, it's not that hard. Most of you may find your questions answered.
  3. Lastly, be peaceful. Stop posting "I'm gonna kill you" or "[Insert cuss/very offensive word here] you staff!", or even "My wiki is leaving because of what you did!". Why? Well, for one, there is already a place to do that, no need to clutter up staff blogs that are meant for modest feedback with baggage like that. Number two, because it makes you look like a bunch of spoiled children, and Wikia might start actually ignoring those posts.

My last point is to every user out there, Anti-Wikia Alliance, neutral, or pro-New Look. Be reminded that Monaco was once met with similar resistance. Blasphemy, right?! No, no my friends. Read this thread for proof. Also, think your AWA is gonna get the word across? Make you feared by the staff and other Pro-New Look users? Nope again. This thread was one created by users just like you to be a group against Monaco! What's funny is, some of the same people sitting here barking up a storm about how fabulous and wonderful Monaco is/was are the same ones threatening to leave or boycott Wikia in those threads!

My point is, you may not like the new look now and you may never like it, but it's coming. Those of you who truly love Wikia will stick around, because lets face it; the Staff aren't out to get us. They're trying to help us out and to help Wikia grow and thrive. For those of you who are beta testers and "hate it" because it's "hard to navigate", actually give yourself a chance to like the new look. I'm not saying force yourself to like it, I'm saying to try to like it. You may find, as I did, that it is better than you originally thought. If you hate it after that, try to do what's best for your wiki and adapt. It can happen. Bleach Wiki and my own wiki are actually finding that it'll be easier to adapt that we previously thought it would. Now, those of you who aren't beta testers, stop saying that you know all about it! Give it a chance before you get your underwear in a wad!

I hope this was helpful and eye opening for some of you. It sure got a lot off of my chest. I encourage you to read the articles that I linked here. The especially important ones will be listed here at the end, so that you can access them easier. Have a good day, and enjoy your Wikia experience.

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