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Do you like Warrior Cats?Do you like Mistmantle Chronicles?The Waggit books?Do you like medieval-era stories?Why not visit Heart's Desire Wiki?

What is Heart's Desire?It's a series of stories!Fun stories!Exciting stories!Dramatic stories!Love stories!

Originally written as a Warrior cat fanfiction,Heart's Desire and it's sequels are expanding!

Lily Rose is a princess who is being forced to marry Prince Apple.She doesn't want that to happen.So what does?Well,if I told you it would ruin the story,wouldn't it?

Heart's Desire Wiki is looking for new contributors!We need your  help to create character profiles and information on Heart's Desire.We are a growing wiki that needs help.

To help out,simply go to Heart's Desire wiki,read Heart's Desire,and start posting!All the books are posted on the wiki,along with plot summaries.We hope to see you soon.

-Gigglekit,author of the Heart's Desire series

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