Just wanted to test out this BLOG feature and introduce myself: I'm Mario and I've been watching Y&R since I was 8 years old, or rather, since 1974. My mom was an avid fan and used to make me and my sister watch it with her. She would explain everything as best as she could, without throwing in what "sleeping around" actually meant, lol. A couple of years later, my mom started selling AVON products door-to-door, to help augment our family's income, as my dad got laid off a few times from his aerospace engineering job. Well, she would lock us in tight (yup, latch key kids!) and out on the TV and tell us to watch her soaps, The Doctors, The Young & The Restless, etc. so that we could tell her what had happened on each one. She would get pretty upset if we couldn't remember, so we had to really pay attention in order to give her full reports! Well, my sister and I got so good at our reports that she gave us nicknames, and mine was "GC Mayor", short for Genoa City Mayor. I've since loved using that as a username from time to time, and I felt it extremely fitting when signing up. I tapered off viewing Y&R a bit in high school, but of course, went back to it in college laying around in my dorm room in between classes. I've continued watching it ever since. Got my wife into it, and now my daughter, who's 12, is really into it as well. One big Y&R family, so to speak, lol. Looking forward to checking everything out in the community.

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