Hello users on Community Central,

You've probably been scrolling around to find more promotional blogs to screen them out and just look for interesting content to you. We're talking about a wiki about a GAME! This is a community focused on the YOUTH who wish to write about Prodigy. This is Prodigy Math Game Wiki - a comprehensive guide to the wizard game that involves mathematics to help Grades 1-8 people strengthen their skill while learning of a developing, engaging story with mystery, magic, and monsters. Our guide is mainly based on the storyline involved in the game, and isn't all that good of a game guide yet, but I hope this blog changes it.

Many of you are bored out of your minds with detailed yet buggy games with spells, charming, potions, bosses, classes, ugh. You've seen so much of that! Prodigy is a topic different, different than the large amount of popular teen/adult-based games involving these MMORPG styles, either magical or based on crime, drugs, and horror. Prodigy is a game based on simple wizards and their fight against a dark force spreading over an enchanted island. The guide so far includes many details about the equipment a wizard/player can wear, the monsters you can spar, encounter, and battle with, as well as some information about the places and NPCs that can be found. The game is based on a plastic, bright design with a fresh, child-friendly interface. Our wiki doesn't quite meet these standards.

The main goal of this blog is obviously to promote its activity. But there's much more of a philosophy behind why I, one of the proud administrators of Prodigy Math Game Wiki (at this present time, of course) am in need - what need, you may ask? Of you!

The magical MMORPG game for children and before-algebra teachers (including parents, too) has never needed a more strong community wiki at this rate! Here's what you could help with, including but not limited to the items below, to help us out. We're counting on your assistance to better our help to the young students all around the world get an education about the "...most engaging math platform in the world...", Prodigy:

  • Simply play the game and share your experiences on blogs we are so delighted to see by many people of all wizard backgrounds.
  • Assist with the insights. Many pages need images, cleaner, more transparent images, need categories, links, and even being made! It's piled up, and we need these completed fast if we want to run longer.
  • Join in on coding and theme projects. Our wiki needs to have a large, broad idea of which wordmarks we can use to decorate the page's top as well as a new background, made best to replace the ugly one we have :(. In addition, we need other ideas of how to build notice/tophat templates to improve the look of pages needing maintenance. We have almost too much of these.
  • Add information to stub pages. I would like if players, new and old, can return and add information about what they find to the stub pages.
  • Post various images of the game in uploaded images and well as your own videos based on the game. Richer media can support an even larger amount of people coming here!
  • Complete polls the other staff members send out. Too few answer the polls and they are based more on maintenance of the wiki rather than opinions on the actual game (depressing, I know).
  • Simply add new content based on spells you see and add gifs about spellcasting in the game. It's simple to see spells wherever they may be, and even simpler to post your findings on our database! We would like to improve our WAM score in this way, even though it's a bit difficult to discern how much of a boost we can obtain.
  • Make suggestions or contact me on how we can improve our wiki's SEO. I'm trying hard to, but I need more suggestions (despite researching all about it on Fandom University videos, help pages, and other resources).

There's so much more you can do in our community to help it once we gain attracted followers. I hope you could come and make the wizards proud to have a collective mind to answer their queries about the mysteries, magic, and monsters they are puzzled about! Have fun looking around on the wiki and finding new, grand ideas to add :D


Ed's chanting an astral-element ritual for you to come over (you might not even know what anything I just said means) :)

~Four, a SYSOP from Prodigy Math Game Wiki (please comment below on questions and remarks you may have)

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