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  • Fandyllic
    Followup to the old blogs Some key elements for a growing wiki and Ways to promote your wiki.

    It's been quite a long time since I've written a blog on the topic of attracting users to your wiki and things to do to help it grow, so I figured I should do an updated one. Let me preface that I'm not an expert, but I've been working on wikis of various sizes as an admin for a long time and have tried to keep up with the new things Fandom has been putting out.

    Most of the main points…

    • Wiki about page, e.g. WoWWiki's about page
    • A manual of style, e.g. WoWWiki's manual of style
    • A guide to commonly used templates, e.g. WoWWiki's template guide
    • Some policies, e.g. WoWWiki's list of policy pages.
    • Some guidelines, e.g. WoWWiki's list of guidelines pages.
    • A page…

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  • Fandyllic

    If any of you have been paying attention to various Wikia messages in the last year plus, you will notice Wikia has made mobile support a big priority. Among their major efforts have been Community mobile apps, My Wikia on the iPad, Portable Infoboxes, the Curated Main Page Tool, improved mobile diffs, Discussions (mostly confined to mobile apps), and even mobile editing. Strangely missing from all this messaging is almost any useful info about the mobile skin which is at the core of the mobile experience. While we may have many theories as to why they don’t want to talk about that mobile skin, we can’t really know until Wikia tells us something to give us some idea why. So far they’ve been very good about avoiding talking about the mobile…

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  • Fandyllic

    As a long time wiki admin, I thought I'd make a list of the common things I do on at least a daily or nearly daily basis as an admin to give new admins an idea of what they might be doing or things they might have missed. Sometimes I do checks multiple times a day.


    • Check Special:NewPages ("all" namespaces)...
      • A good quick way to look for spammers. Spammers often like to create new fake user pages with spam links. Also they often put obvious titles in pages they create. You will see the pattern after awhile. I tend to delete new spam pages with impunity, but you may be more forgiving.
      • Look for pages that are misspelled or in the wrong namespace. If you see something wrong, you can rename the page or add a note to the page or it's ta…
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  • Fandyllic
    Originally a comment at User blog:Meighan/Best Practices & You.

    I learned alot about what it takes to support wikis as they grow from my experience at WoWWiki. Without the right kinds of pages, your users may become lost or not know what to do next. Visitors need something to help them navigate to the info they're looking for. If your best contributors have a way to quickly find out how best to help grow your wiki, they can do their best work with less doubts that the wiki is directed, maintained, and organized.

    Here's a list of useful things admins and founders should consider in some form on their wikis as they grow (currently in no specific order):

    • A nice about page with the general purpose of your wiki and maybe some history, e.g. WoWWik…

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  • Fandyllic
    Updated on December 13, 2012.

    • If the subject of your wiki has an official site with forums, you can link to your wiki to answer questions asked about the subject.
      • Use the same username on sites where you comment about your topic as your Wikia username.
      • Link to the best pages on your wiki when talking about your topic on other sites, but only to provide more info on something topic relevant and not as obvious advertising.
    • Add a link to your wiki in shared navigation templates on Community central. Here are some examples:
      • Template:ABCWikis - ABC network show wikis
      • Template:CNFooter - Cartoon Network show wikis
      • Template:Tabletop_RPG_wikis - Tabletop RPG wikis
      • Template:Wikia_Gaming_Footer - Well known video game wikis (make sure to read the talk page…

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