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FTSOAMSibarra96 FTSOAMSibarra96 3 September 2012

Is the wiki Chat Accesible through Samsung Android Phones?

Hi everyone,

So recently, I decided to switch to the Samsung Ace Plus phone. I have not recieved the phone yet so i thought I'd inquire here. Is it possible to access the wikia Chat through the Samsung Ace Plus android internet? Is so, are there any special apps that need to be downloaded? Pls reply and thank you for your time :)

Guys, may i request a reply for this cause i need to know, thanks :)

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FTSOAMSibarra96 FTSOAMSibarra96 30 January 2012

Master list of wiki Contributors

Hi guys,

Is there any way of accesing the names of all the users who have contributed to my wiki? If so, please show me how.

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FTSOAMSibarra96 FTSOAMSibarra96 8 January 2012

Emoticons Help


I just wanna ask, how do you add emoticons on a wiki chat? Pls reply. thanksChicocaba 14:08, January 8, 2012 (UTC)

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