Evanf Evanf 30 March 2012

ABC New Shows -- Wiki Creating Time!

Hey y'all, if any of you users are pretty bored with your Wiki, and want a new project, here is the list of new ABC Shows coming this fall or 2013. If you are interested, you can create a wiki for them. (NOTE: These are not all of the new shows.)


  • "Last Resort" -- handily ABC's strongest script, with a stellar cast and director attached, it has everything going for it.
  • "Gilded Lilys" -- not the best, but ABC likes to be in the Shonda business and the cast (Blythe Danner, Matt Lauria, Matt Long, and John Barrowman, to name a few) will likely go a long way towards selling the material. The only complication here could be the expense associated with producing this kind of period piece.
  • "Malibu Country" -- light, fun and with a recogniz…
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Evanf Evanf 14 November 2011

SOS - Save Our Stubs

Hi all! Wikis with a bunch of stubs - need help? Well, thanks to this program, you can "Save your Stubs". Frankly, I got this idea from Wikihow. It sounds pretty cool, and I thought Wikia needed it. We (or for now, I say I) will go around big wikis (or small, does not matter) and help with stubs. Also, the Community Council, Wikia Helpers, etc. can join in on the fun. So.... Help Save our stubs.

I just made this to get people to join, after 30 people join, I am going to hand it over to The Wikia Council, Helpers, etc. because they can do a better job promoting it. (Well, if they want to handle it) (And hopefully a better logo, even though this one is awesome.

I am going to set up a forum with a list of users who want to join, and some will …

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Evanf Evanf 5 November 2011

Message Wall Incoming

Well, it looks like the Message wall has been released, *sparks fly*, *Someone shoots the sparks down*. Seriously, I hate it. Yeah, my opinion, blah, blah, blah. But it is just... Unneeded. I mean, we all like talk pages, and archives, etc. Here? NO! We have little article comments which can be deleted and it is very unorganized. It gives me a headache just looking at it.

OK, that was kind of mean. Well, forget about that, tell me your opinion in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

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Evanf Evanf 20 October 2011

Getting Out of Hand

There has been a lot (I mean, my computer takes forever to load) when I go to a Simple List of Names page.... This is getting out of hand. "Nazi slave-masters" and "Wikia doesn't give a shit about us". Why users doing this? I see a lot of people hate the message wall, I do, but you don't have to get abusive. So, I can tell, do you think this is getting out of hand?

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Evanf Evanf 10 August 2011

Tips to set up your main page- Vividly

To make it, just go here: [1](Fixed)

You can make a cast portal, or a character portal. Showing the characters, the items, shows, anything!

A.N.T. Farm Wiki

You also need to add the CharPortalAAA template.

I can't do an example, but you know what to do. Add four or 3 images and say stuff like: Learn about this or Learn about that.. That will jumpstart the person who sees it. Like "That looks Cool".

Also, do featured Stuff, featured Item, character, etc.

Special Thanks to the A.N.T. Farm Wiki

If you have questions, comments, or more ideas, tell me. Also, if you want more ideas, contact me on my talk page.


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