Hello, it's me, EpicWikipedian. It's just that I want more editors to come to Crashix and start editing to help it become the best Crash Bandicoot fansite that ever existed, and if you know at least a little bit about Crash Bandicoot, please join today! Click here to go to Crashix now! I've been fairly quiet about this wiki up until now, but a lot of good editors have left this wiki and Crashix is beginning to suffer as a result, so I've added it to the "Wikis that need editors" thing and decided to make a blog about it.

Well, back in November 2011, one day, one of the epic Wikipedians got a magnificent idea. He entered the labs, mixed a few potions together, and a brand new site was created; Crashix (the site was known as "Bandipedia Highlights" until 1 March 2012)! Until late January 2012, the wiki was in very good condition, and it had a very well organized and maintained layout as well as users being kind to each other on a regular basis.

But in late January 2012, everything changed. Wikia introduced a technical update (more like a "technical downgrade" in this case) which broke the navigation and the level 4 menus customization which Crashix borrowed off Aion Wiki. The epic Wikipedians also had a little less time to maintain the wiki, allowing some of their potions to go a little "out-of-date" (in other words, highlights and promotions were being cancelled at a faster rate than usual).

Things only got worse in mid-February 2012, when a huge argument occurred and caused the name change from Bandipedia Highlights to Crashix, the whole community splitting into two, as well as a lot of good editors leaving. While the epic Wikipedians think that it could have gone worse, the situation was bad as it was.

However, there is still hope in Crashix! 75 brilliant pages have now been made, and a large choice of promotions is available, making Crashix a terrific way to spend your time! The largest promotion in Crashix right now is UnBandipedia, which parodies Crashix's former parent wiki and offers some of the funniest articles relating to Crash Bandicoot ever seen, similarly to Uncyclopedia, but focusing on Crash Bandicoot.

Now, by the time you've finished reading this blog, you'll either think that we're both epic and we're Wikipedians, we're just epic, or we're just Wikipedians. The first option should hopefully be what you choose, because we like to say we're epic and we hope that we'll be as successful, if not, more successful, than Wikipedia! Well, we highly doubt that we'll ever grow to be as large as Wikipedia, but we should eventually be able to be large enough to deserve an article in Wikipedia!

Again, click here to go to the wiki! We'd really appreciate it if you joined, even if you only know a little bit about Crash Bandicoot! Thanks for listening!

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