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    February 4, 2015 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    So, hey there guys, it's me again with another css blog; this blog will talk about how to work with links.

    Now for the most part, we use links like this: because it is an inline element that doesn't create a new line for the content in it. c:

    So, just so you guys all know, every styling that applies to text, font, backgrounds, borders and all, can be done with the a:link, a:visited, a:hover, and a:active in the .css page!

    Happy coding guys!

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  • Ephemeral Hiraeth


    December 23, 2014 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    This is the next blog in the CSS installment. This blog covers CSS for the background of elements commonly known as

    So, here we have the following possible statements:

    • background-color
    • background-image
    • background-repeat
    • background-attachment
    • background-position

    • This is an example of CSS in the HTML tag value.

    • This is an example of the CSS in the MediaWiki CSS or External CSS
      • With classes I can specify what elements/tags I want the code to effect when I apply it.

    So, here's what local does, it makes it so that the picture stays in one local place, aka, at the top wherever your container for it is, or wherever else you placed it in the container.

    • Example of local

    Initial does what the element's natural state is, and inherit inherits from the class or el…

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  • Ephemeral Hiraeth

    CSS Guide

    March 19, 2014 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    Okay so this is where I will link to all the blogs in my series about CSS. First though, I need to tell you how you can use css in , wikitext tables and in your wiki's MediaWiki:Wikia.css or Common.css

    When we use CSS in a it gets called upon, called being us telling the wiki that we want it to display something a certain way.

    • All of the css styling in a tag is located inbetween the two quotation marks in this statement: style="all your css goes in here"
    • So it should look like this: Hah font/text

    When you are applying CSS to the whole table, you put the following:

    • {|style="all my CSS goes in here"

    When you are applying it to a single header, cell, or even a row.

    • !style="css is in here"| the pipe at the end tells the header what to display with you…

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  • Ephemeral Hiraeth

    Font and Text

    March 17, 2014 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    Okay guys... Time for another blog. This one should be helpful to users who want to change their font and text's looks! On a side note Rofl, a buddy of mine, pointed out that it would be a great idea to tell you guys that this is CSS styling. Not only is it CSS styling for wikia, it also works on other websites that allow you to code the font/text styling! Happy reading!

    We're going to start with font: One thing that people want to do, is make their font darker or lighter. Well, using the property "font-weight:insert stuff in here;", we can change the weight of our font. Font's range from font-weight:normal;, font-weight:bold;, font-weight:bolder;, to font-weight:lighter;. Now these would be the stylings that you would probably see most often. …

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  • Ephemeral Hiraeth

    Coding a Box

    March 11, 2014 by Ephemeral Hiraeth

    Okay, this thing on??? Oh Sweet! Hey guys, its Slay again with another how to type blog. In my last blog, I feel like I may have left some users hanging when I added the border and the border radius... So, I've decided its time for a more indepth template making blog!

    • Refer to The If and The Switch for how to use #if: and #switch:
    • I will not be using If or Switch in this template tutorial, I will instead be building a header card for my blogs. That being said, you guys get to buckle your seatbelts, and hold on for the ride, because we're going to hit the code rode! :D Lets get started!

    What I think I want, is a blue box with a nice curve.... I might even fill the box with the same color as the border, leave part of it transparent, use white fo…

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