How to make a good wiki: advice and all!

It is everyone's dream to make a successful wiki. A wiki everyone will drool over. But how do we do that? Well here is some advice I have from experience! On how to make a successful wiki!

Title and theme

Before starting a wiki you need to think of a topic. Something someone hasn't already created. Like a fan wiki or something on a new book. The think about the title. Something catchy that will attract people's attention. Example: harrypotterwiki.comThen write something on the first page. Like what is this wiki is about. Tip: think is this going to help the community? Is it worth it? If so make sure to write it down.


All wikis have rules. It varies how many there are. You can have as many as 1 or 2 all the way to 10 or 20. Okay, maybe not that much. But make sure to write down rules. So people know what they can or cannot do. Write it on the first page or another blog post. Tip: make sure to write down rules for administrators and moderators too. And depending on your crowd, you might want to make your rules more strict. But rules you should have are stuff like "being nice and respectful" or "no insulting or swearing" so people know. You want people on your wiki to be safe.

Searching for admins and moderators

Now that you have created your wiki and written down rules, you also need others to help you. Like Admins and moderators. These people will have a little more power than a average user, so it helps people stay in line. If not just have moderators to moderate chats when you are not there. So people don't get away with naughty stuff. If you do not want anyone with extra titles, then at least have a chat moderator. But if you are on 24/7 there is no need. If you have a close friend, they can even be a bureaucrat. But if you want an admin or mod, it is better to start with a good friend or someone you have seen who has good potential. Tip: don't make immature or people who will abuse of there power admins or mods. Make sure to put a few rules down for them too. There are also ways to make sure that only admins or mods can edit a website.

Making pages

Well after all these all there is left is to.... make a page! Start with a simple or the most important page! Example: if you write a wiki on Harry Potter, start the first page about the first book or the author. Or talk about the series. Make sure to make it catchy too so people will come and join your wiki!

I hope this helped! Good luck on your wiki and enjoy!

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