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  • Endercat TM

    I Love Writing Wiki

    August 30, 2018 by Endercat TM


    Hey y'all!

    I contribute to a wiki called "I Love Writing". Yes, it does sound dorky, but it is pretty fun! Let me explain some stuff, and you might be interested!

    Some Q's and A's

    What is this wiki really about?

    Yeah, the title gives it away. It for people who really, do love writing. You can post stories and all. Have you been writing a book for like, ever? Well, you can share a quick preview. Or even post the whole book! Users around the world will be able to check this story out. And don't worry! Only Admins can edit this page (they are the only ones who have to un-asked permission too), and no one will mess-up your story! Warning: if you are afraid someone is going to copy your story, please do not post it. If not, tell the users…

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  • Endercat TM

    The difference wiki

    August 19, 2018 by Endercat TM

    Are you different? Special. Somethin' about you? You need help to get outta the closet?

    I have the perfect wiki for ya. The differencef wiki! Come and join! Contact me for further info.

    Wanna join? Come now ! 

    Looking for Admins.

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  • Endercat TM

    Come and join this super sweet and lit wiki!

    If you contact me, you might even get a special treat c:

    "Queens rule" Quote Endercat TM

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  • Endercat TM

    "Hmmmm.... I like this wiki. I wanna help out! But what should I do...?"

    Well I got the thing for you! Adopt a wiki! But WOAH! What is adopt a wiki? I'll explain what it is!

    What is "adopt this wiki" stuff? Well it isn't "oooooh, I wanna be the founder (or bureaucrat), I shall adopt this wiki!"

    It doesn't work like that

    Sure, you might get bureaucrat rights. But it's more of helping the wiki. You could become an Admin instead. Or a Mod. But adopt a wiki is when you get a chance to have a special title and help the wiki. Have only 1 or 0 Admins on duty? Your founder/bureaucrat personel has gone missing? Suggest adopting a wiki! Now, now, don't go and jump to that page. I will give you steps and stuff about adoptiong a wiki and if you are up to …

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  • Endercat TM

    The Admins and Mods

    August 10, 2018 by Endercat TM

    So, awhile back I wrote a blog on how to make a wiki. There are several steps I want to dig into. Namely findings right Admins and Mods, how to giv them privileges or take it away if they are being unfair. Here is a step by step guide and stuff, how to find the right people and give them the right title.

    Ha! Good question! You may think they are the same but no. They are totally different. What is an Admin? Admin is short for Administrator. People who take care of stuff and watch out for the trouble makers. Like banning people if they step out of line, making sure wikis don't have puppets or sabotagers. Making sure every thing is in order. Admins have a lot of power because they have the right to make restrictions on people and ban them for…

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