• EmperorAguila

    Hello, Music Wiki. Some of you may have noticed that there a wikis dedicated to certain musical artists (such as Lady Gaga, Ke$sha, etc.) However, there is not an official wiki dedicated to the extremely popular singer Lorde. However, that is about to change soon!

    I have started working on a wiki called "Lordepedia". Things are going smoothly so far, but Lordepedia needs a lot of work if it wants to be in the same league as Gagapedia and Ke$hapedia. However, that is where you come in! You have a chance to make Wikia history!

    There are currently 3 bureaucratic/administrative positions open for the most dedicated Lorde fans: Vice Chairman, Executive Manger, and Chief Vandilism Remover. The Vice Chairman will assist the Chairman (me) in running th…

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