I think it's awesome that Apple announced the new iPhones will have facial recognition technology in the front facing cameras! It's going to be so much easier to unlock your phone and text your friends! But what about the security of my information on my phone...

Could someone who isn't me access my phone? I keep important information on my phone that I wouldn't want people to see. Could they use a photograph of me in order to unlock my phone? Would it be able to hack or infiltrate the software and make it so a different face is able to unlock my phone?

What about other cases of this technology being used? Are pictures of me being taken while I'm not aware? Through surveillence cameras in 7/11? or security cameras at ATMs? Those pictures could be stored in databases and be linked to information about me, who would have access to that information?

I'm excited about Apple's announcement, but it leaves me with a lot of questions. I don't think we should jump on board too quickly with facial recognition technology. Let's be sure of what we're getting into.

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