Hello all, I'm back again with another wiki promotion! My last one went very well, so let's hope this one gains me more contributors as well!

I'm the only current administrator for the Mental Health wiki. It's a wiki about all things mental health related, be it mental disorders or tips for dealing with mental disorders. It's not a place of doom and gloom, it's a place for coping and feeling better about yourself.


Idealization (The Brooch by Edvard Munch)

I didn't create the wiki myself, but the main administrator gave me rights, and I'd be happy to pass on rights to other responsible editors. The reason I joined the wiki and want to see it grow is because I feel mental health is just as important, if not more, than physical health. You need to keep a good balance of the two to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Which is why I want to allow others to join a wiki where they can express themselves and explain parts of their mental illness.

We currently have a little over 200 pages on the wiki, and I would like to spotlight it, however over a fourth of the pages are under 300 bytes or are stubs, so that's where you come in. I'd be very grateful if people could come in and add information to the wiki about things I don't know. I'm no psychologist - however if we all add insight on things we know and experience, I'm sure the wiki can be spotlighted in no time!

Thank you all in advanced, and have a good day/evening!

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