Hi everyone, I recently started a wiki about the service LINE WEBTOON. The LINE WEBTOON Wiki! If you're not already familiar with LINE WEBTOON, it's a comic-reading service for mobile and computers that you can find here . It was created in 2005 to grow the community of Korean webcomics, and now it has grown into a large, global project.

I created this wiki because of my recent growing intrest in webtoon. My friend introduced the LINE WEBTOON service to me a few months ago, and now I'm in love with it! I want to create a database for most, if not all webtoons, even though that sounds a bit ambitious. I think, with help, I can do it!

Wiki scrnshot

A screenshot of the wiki. (OUTDATED)

If you love webtoons like me, I would love if you'd help out in the community! Even making a few edits will help out. Currently I'm trying to work out some templates to use. That would be appreciated as well. This wiki works as a database for webtoons and creators, so you can help add some! Currently, I only have 17 pages, but hopefully with assitance, I can increase this number!

If you want to add a page, I have guidelines on how pages should be formatted to help you get started. They're in the "Help Pages" tab up on the navigation bar at the top. Feel free to add a page about any webtoon you want, but make sure to read the policies first.

I really hope you join my community, Wikian, and together we can help grow this database of Webtoons and Creators!

EDIT: Thank you all for the overwhelming support! Thanks to you, I have a good amount of new contributors.

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