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If you ask around the Wikia offices, most employees will tell you that their favorite part of working at Wikia is you, the community. You’re passionate about your fandom and creative in your communities, and that motivates us to go find as many ways as possible to share your passion with as many viewers as possible. And every once in a while – like today – we find a partner who feels the same way as us about your hard work.

Wikia and Sony Entertainment have teamed up to create TV SideView, an interactive electronic programming guide for tablets and smartphones. Just like last year's partnership with Rotten Tomatoes, this is a big step towards getting your community's content in front of other fans, your favorite artists and even the creators of your fandom.

When folks use TV SideView on their tablet or smartphone (as shown below) they'll be able to access your overviews, character descriptions, and synopses as they browse through their local TV listings. If your wikia includes information about a TV show or a popular movie, that means your content will be syndicated to thousands of new viewers.

Along the way, we've also integrated our fandoms with Sony's Socialife app. It's the easiest and fastest way to keep pace with your favorite communities' developments. Wikia's Socialife feeds go live tomorrow and they'll push the day’s most interesting content from our Hubs – Games, Entertainment, TV, and Lifestyle – directly to your mobile device.

Hit on the Google Play store on your Android device (an iOS version is in the pipeline) to download TV SideView and Socialife. We need your help ensuring that these apps are phenomenal, so if you find a glitch - even if it's just some wonky formatting or an annoying button - let us know so we can get it fixed.

You also might end up talking to me if the information that SideView pulls from your Wikia doesn't exactly fit the app. For example, if it's returning the top header or production notes instead of an episode summary, we might investigate ways to help so the app can display the most relevant information. So don’t be surprised if you see me poking around your community!

We want to get your hard work in front of as many readers as possible, and we think this partnership is a great step in the right direction. Let me know what you think in the comments, I'll be participating!

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