• I live in in Zombie Base
  • I was born on November 21
  • My occupation is Providing the Zombies a information
  • I am a Plant/Zombie
  • Drybones9219
    • Italic means Jokes

    Yo, Yo, Everyone....

    Well, Nintendo and Sony once made an SNES-CD Together in the 90s... but then Sony betrayed Nintendo.

    but now in 2017! Sony is thinking of making Games for Nintendo Switch alongside Nintendo as well as a Addon. so they will make God of War and Spider-Man, Knack 2 for Nintendo Switch.


    Yukari Yakumo

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  • Drybones9219

    This needs no explanation... but i don't want to be called "Glitch"... in club penguin™ wiki. this makes me uncomfortable. 

    I am explained that to CLUB PENGUIN Wiki:  I am FROM PVZ WIKI but they don't believe me... so wanna see the proof? 

    I've Joined the PVZ Wiki in JUNE 15, 2016... but I have no edits in club penguin wiki... so you're not SUPPOSED to raid PVZ Wiki... and I starting to dislike them more than Pokemon Fanboys in the youtube Comment section but you're making The Raid of PVZ Wiki chat even Worse.

    I don't like people calling me a glitch... BUT SERIOUSLY... what the heck is a glitch? HOW MANY TIMES I TOLD YOU THAT... I'm NOT a glitch...

    and What's a glitch after all?

    This is a deal... that Club Penguin™ Wiki must not Raid Plants Vs. Zo…

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