Fanon is any element that is widely accepted among fans, but has little or no basis in canon. Sometimes it's a small event in canon that gets exaggerated; sometimes it's something in a fanfic story that gets picked up on and repeated by other writers until it's so common that newbies might think it's a canonical fact.


URL: w:c:fancreations

In essence, that means that you can write anything on any random fandom, or even create your own. For example, you could create your own video game franchise, company, book series, etc. on this wiki; however, something not supported here would be an article that features nothing but correct information on Star Wars, Doctor Who, you name it. For it to be considered fanon, it would have to at least partially contain information you have made up.

This wiki is dedicated to fan-made material. That includes arbitrary shippings; very diverse characters of naive dispositions; new video games produced by Nintendo post-World War IV, etc. - anything you can think of belongs here. Yes, that includes ponies ...

Here at the Fan Creations Wiki, we encourage and implore you to be as much of a nonconformist as you want, and strive to build a community where anyone and everyone will feel warm and creative. Give it a go. Just like the internet, we were built to give people freedom, and we believe that freedom is the most important aspect of writing. So, naturally, a wiki would come into existence and allow people to write as freely as they want.

'What are the benefits of this?'; 'what am I having for lunch tonight?'; 'why does it look like a unicorn barfed?', you may be thinking to yourself, head shaking vigorously. Before you get entwined in a string of thoughts, I would like to answer those relevant questions - or question - blunt and clear; benefit-wise, this helps you enhance your writing and discuss it with others, in attempt to broaden your vocabulary and perhaps make a simple example of indulgence a piece of writing to appreciate vehemently and be prideful of.


The wiki is now almost a year and a half old, albeit rather empty. I'm pretty much the only active user there, and you'll usually see me maintaining articles, fixing stuff in CSS and writing fanfiction. I'm very open to discussion and chatting, because even if you're not contributing, I'm very appreciative that you're even there and willing to spend your time on our wiki. I have temporarily disabled chat since it's been very much useless lately, I'll be very happy to reopen it if anyone joins.
Also, a beginner's guide is on the way!


While we generally don't have many problems, we do have our set of our own rules. Obvious rules would include the incorporation of Terms of Use, we also have our own set of rules. Rules include sockpuppeting whilst evading bans, cross-wiki raids, no drama and no linking anything which may contain malware. Rules can be found here.

I have hitherto had no success in this wiki, but it's been coming together well, to the point where I believe community is imperative; I hope that this blog post will help build that necessity.

Thanks for reading this very formal blog post. I can assure you, I'm not near as formal as this in real life. :P ~ Dragonleaf tc 21:57, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

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