Have you ever wished you could add styling, links, and photos with the click of a button when you post a new comment? Well, as a result of many requests for editing options in comments, we’re excited to announce that now you can! Meet the new mini editor, which is now available on Message Wall, article comments, and blog comments.

  • Comments in Visual Mode
  • Comments in Source Mode
  • Message Wall in Visual Mode
  • Message Wall in Source Mode

The mini editor is lightweight, and features the most common formatting and content input needs. It includes formatting tools for bold, italic, and links, along with quick buttons that let you add photos and videos.

The toolbar also includes a toggle for source mode (wikitext) and visual mode (rich text). If you usually see visual mode in the main editor, you’ll see visual mode here, too. If visual mode is disabled in the main editor (either by your own preferences or the wiki’s settings), you’ll only see source mode in the mini editor. In other words, your editing mode will be consistent across each wiki.

We’ve already heard some great feedback from you about how we can make it better. Here are the top requests so far:

  • a Preview button
  • a strikethrough button
  • a “more” button for added formatting options.

If you have other feedback or ideas, let us know. And have fun trying out the mini editor the the comments below!

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