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Pals, collaborators, and fellow Wikians,

Today I have the sad responsibility of sharing that this is my last day at Wikia. I joined the Community Support team in February, 2011, and the last year and a half has been a privilege. You're an amazing community, and I've deeply enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with you, share in your inside jokes, chase down bugs on your behalf, and advocate for your requests as we roll out new features.

I've learned so much here at Wikia, and I'm looking forward to bringing all this wiki community wisdom to future projects, wherever I go -- which could be anywhere. I'm going back to my roots as a freelance consultant, and there are many clients in my future that will now hear me say things like, "Assume good faith!", "Be bold!", and "Don't be afraid to let anonymous users contribute!" If you'd like to keep in touch, you can always find me at my personal website,

I will miss working with such a passionate, brilliant, and seriously awesome group of Internet users. You guys are incredible.

Remember that day when Jen jokingly said that she might make me grow out my hair, and you responded by photoshopping fake hair onto a bunch of photos of me in the comments? (You totally did that. It was awesome.)

Well, in the spirit of goodbye celebration, I invite you to do it again, if you'd like. Here's a new photo:


Have at it!

Hugs and bright days ahead,