Glitchtale s2 ep 2 fanart by ina0212-daql47e

Heya, everyone! There goes me, Doork. In this blog, I want to tell you about Glitchtale and its Wiki!

About the animation

Glitchtale is an Alternate Universe based on Undertale made by a female Youtuber, Camila Cuevas with milion of views for every video. The current story follows the events after the True Pacifist Route in Undertale, main protagonist being Frisk, a child with the unique SOUL trait : Determination. After a long battle with the greatest evil in the whole timeline, the Barrier breaks, everything goes back to normal with everyone being happy, with Monsters and Humans finally living in peace. Everyone was at first uncomfortable with the new change, even the Monsters with themselves. And with this, the world faces new threats. Will they win? We just need to.. Stay determined.

About the wiki

Glitchtale Wiki currently has 33 articles, 1,196 files, total 2,938 edits made on this wiki, but with a little number of users. The wiki is filled with CSS ( and Determination ), making the wiki beautiful, with help from the main Bureaucrat, Ditto Creeper Bot. We have highlights, a good main page and articles in the process of making, growing, and shining.

Why should I start contribuiting?

Good question. First, you should need to watch the series, watching you will start to like the series and also, the wiki! It has:

  • Action
  • Drama
  • Sadness
  • Happiness
  • Suspense
  • Good Quality
  • Good Story
  • Good Soundtracks and Songs
  • Speedpaints.

I swear, you will love the series. I highly recommend for you to watch. But please, start with the very first animation of the series, because otherwise, you will be spoiled and you won't understand the story!

Visiting and Contributing

Thank you for giving this wiki and series a chance. You can start by introduce yourself in the Discussion Feed or just start editing! Here is a link to the wiki: Glitchtale Wikia or just click on the other character links I mentioned here as they link to their pages!

Thanks for listening! I hope we will see again on the wiki! Take care.


The fanart shown up there was made by ina0212 , and edited by me.

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