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Hi, everyone! I'm DoctorMermaid, and I've started a new project, the Second Generation Wiki .

I've always been interested in looking up the canon descendants of characters in comic books (and movies, books, etc.). Family trees fascinate me in real life and in fiction. I started out with just a word document gradually collecting a list of second-generation characters in Marvel comics, but decided I wanted to spread out and, if others were interested, give them a chance to participate. 

I've been working on the wiki for several months now, but it's just me on there, and there are a ton of fandoms I don't know much about.

My goals right now are A) to flesh out the pages more, since most of them are still very short, and B) increase the number of characters from other media since I've been focusing mainly on comic books so far. If you're interested in this kind of thing, please visit or even join! I'd love to develop a community and a forum.

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