"Rankism is defined as the way to discriminate individuals by the rights they possess."

What is it, really?

Rankism or in other words, or when seen in a clearer perspective, power abuse, is basically considered a threat to a community as an all, especially when the its all fresh with its start. Honestly, it could just be some users considering themselves highly, or a group, but the situation is easier to report than provoke. Consider it like: You're just ordinary but some would take themselves too high of themselves, say, over-confidence maybe? And try to take over, which is easier ignored than replied to.

Where would I see it?

This is pretty much uncommon, plus the only places you'd find it is in some vast or old communities. You either would need to stay in some place for more than 1 month or so to point out whether the place is kid friendly or not. But Wikia will slowly get better, it's not for the faint of heart, just keep calm and carry on. >w<)/

What should I do?

It's better of not letting people treat you wrong and just let them continue, it could be a little too harmful or so for your mental health. It's better off telling someone close to you or even Staff, never ever take matters into your own hands. Point noted, it's better taking it to those higher or nearer to them.


Well, if you ever do find abuse, harassment, threats, or what not and the people who discriminate you by who they think they are, you ought to contact Staff, since they're your best hope in the situation. Another thing so, ignore the guys, really, nothing's more better than ignoring such environments, who would want to be around that? Really? Click this and have a better life with what you'd prefer. Moving on is key to success. Never let bad experiences or bad people get to you. \o/

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