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Will asked us to stop by and introduce ourselves, as you may be seeing us around the Fandom creator community now that Fanatical is part of Fandom. If you're hearing about Fanatical for the first time because you didn’t read Brandon’s blog about us joining Fandom and want to learn more about the company and the hard working staff behind the scenes, you've come to the right place!


Oh, you haven't heard of us before? Not a problem, we can help fill the gaps!

Fanatical is a UK-based digital retailer, specialising in officially licensed PC games - that means no grey keys and every developer and publisher that we work with is rewarded with each purchase that you make.

We began our story in the 1990s, making affordable software and games available to all on PC CD-ROM. In 2012 we launched Bundle Stars to satisfy the growing global demand for digital games.

Our online store has since sold over 80 million keys to gamers in over 200 countries, all sourced from official publishers!

Fast forward to today and our journey continues with Fanatical, now part of the awesome Fandom family, where our goal remains the same as it has always been - providing the best quality, choice and value in digital entertainment for you, our loyal customers.

Not only do we offer great deals on officially licensed products, we're also one of the leading names when it comes to exclusively curated game bundles - as well as our fantastic Star Deals, which often have best-ever prices on big AAA and Indie titles.

We have a social community of well over two million followers, where we share our latest deals and engage with fellow passionate gamers on platforms such as Discord, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. We love games and helping our community discover their next favorite title through fantastic content that showcases the best parts of the best games.

In addition, we also have the Fanatical Blog where we talk about the latest game news, reviews and share our love for gaming, eLearning and many other topics.


Name: Sam Jones

Role: Content Manager

What do you do: I run the Fanatical Blog and post daily articles on gaming news, interviews and the latest deals that can be found at Fanatical.com. I also look after our product pages and ensure that they're SEO friendly in order to achieve efficient rankings.

Occasionally, I lend my northern sounding voice to videos on the Fanatical YouTube channel.

When did you join Fanatical: October 2017

First game you played: Sonic the Hedgehog

First console or PC you owned: PlayStation (the original one)

Favorite Wiki: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki. I've loved the MCU for years and have had my fair share of midnight screenings watching these movies.

Favorite game/s: Red Dead Redemption was one of my favorite games for a long time, I remember being in awe of the Wild West theme that was basically 'GTA on horseback'. In more recent years, Monster Hunter: World has been one of my favorites. The ecosystems that you get to explore and the monsters that you go up against offer hours of addictive fun - who doesn't enjoy chopping up an Elder Dragon to make shiny armor out of it?!

I've really enjoyed the Little Nightmares series too, it's got a great art style and eerie feel to it, and has quickly become one of my favorite platformer franchises.

What do you love about video games and the industry: Every year, we're treated to an astounding array of great games. The technology that is available now is far beyond anything that I thought that I'd ever experience as a gamer - and best of all, it's only going to get better.

It's a fast-paced industry, and while I don't get to game as often as teenage Sam did, I still enjoy sitting down to play some of the latest releases and talking to the developers behind these exciting projects.


Name: Declan Barry

Role: Social Media & Community Manager

What do you do: I run the Fanatical social channels delivering enlightening content to help gamers, including voicing over YouTube videos!

Plus, I connect with gaming communities across the web to help them grow. I also act as the customer advocate in the business to ensure that the customer comes first with everything we do, as well as help customers out with queries.

When did you join Fanatical: March 2017

First game you played: Spyro the Dragon

First console or PC you owned: PlayStation (the original one)

Favorite Wiki: Wookieepedia. I love Star Wars and have often spent hours getting lost into a lore-filled hole on the Wikis to learn about the backstory of a character that was in just one scene.

Favorite game/s: I'm an avid Football Manager player who has been involved in the FM community for over 10 years. My dream of managing Chelsea to the Champions League hasn't come to reality (yet), but it's a franchise that I buy every year.

Aside from that, I love playing the old-school Grim Fandango, Crash Bandicoot, and Pokémon games. As well as the more modern HITMAN 'World of Assassination' trilogy and all the Star Wars games.

What do you love about video games and the industry: Talented teams deliver us great games every year, and it's exciting to be able to not only play the games but get involved in the hype of a new release as we discover new titles. For me, there's nothing better than your first steps in a game after waiting for its release for the past few months.

Being a part of Fanatical means that I can help more players get this feeling of excitement by assisting in the discovery of new games to play.


We will be stopping by the official Fandom Discord server for an Ask Us Anything session on April 27th from 9 to 11 am US Eastern time. On the flip side, Will and Brandon will be heading to the Fanatical Discord server for their own Ask Us Anything session over there. We hope to see you there. We’re told these sessions are really fun.

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Declan Barry Fandom Staff

Declan is the Social Media & Community Manager for Fanatical, Fandom's video games and software digital retailer based in the UK.
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