Darthwikia25 Darthwikia25 7 June 2016


Hey there everyone! Darthwikia25 here with my first blog post on Community Central- I'd like to discuss a very important aspect of Wikia- Blocking.

  • 1 What is a Block?
  • 2 Why are Blocks needed?
  • 3 What should a blocked user do?
  • 4 Some things to note

A 'Block' or 'Ban' is when a user loses his/her ability to edit or comment on a wiki or on wikia itself. If a user is blocked, he/she can only read the wiki's content. Usually, blocks are for excessive spam and vandalism, breaking policies and distrupting the wiki and its users.

Blocks are a very important and needed aspect of Wikia. If a user who violates the rules is not blocked, there would be utter chaos- trolls, vandals and spammers would run amok. There'd not be any peace and order on a wikia and a lo…

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