The Cat Knows The Answer

Do you know the answer?

As those who frequent any chat know, sometimes the chat goes quiet, or it "dies." When the chat is "dead" many people like to state something along the lines of "Dead chat." When people say that the chat is dead, more often than not, the chat remains dead. When there is no discussion going on, a good idea for getting a discussion started is to play a game. Not a long game or an in depth game, but a game that allows all the users in chat to participate if they choose too. This game can also be played when there is a topic going on that is getting heated and needs to be changed.

Appropriate times
  • When the chat is dead
  • When a topic needs changing
    • Do not try to change the topic just because you don't like it. If other users are participating in the discussion on that topic, there is no need to change it just because you don't like it.
    • When a moderator or a staff member has mentioned that it's time to drop the subject and users have not dropped it. This also goes for discussions that can be controversial.
Inappropriate times
  • When a user needs help
  • When there is no need to play the game
    • When a topic is fine
    • When a discussion is going at a good pace and is not getting heated

The Game

The game is not really a game but more like a questionnaire. The reason it is not a game is because a game can involve different roles and different needs. However, this game-like questionnaire can be started any user and any user can ask questions.

Sample Questions
  • What is your favorite song?
    • This can be swapped out with anything, for example:
      • Colors
      • Bands
      • Animal
      • Beverage
      • Food
      • Type of shoe
      • Movie
      • Book
      • TV Show
      • Hobby
      • Game
  • What are you doing right at this moment?
    • As well as the above, it can be switched out with anything, for example:
      • What are you drinking at this moment?
      • What are you eating at this moment?
      • What song are you listening to at this moment?
      • What TV show are you watching at this moment?
    • Also possible are what was the last thing you did, for example:
      • What was the last food you ate?
      • What was the last drink you had?
      • What was the last song you listened to?
      • What was the last TV show you watched?
      • What was the last movie you saw?
  • This or That?
    • There are a bunch of options you can use with this question, for example:
      • Cats or dogs?
      • Coke or pepsi?
      • Soccer or Football?
        • It should also be noted that you should keep in mind that what you may call "soccer" is football in other countries. And that "football" is referred to as "American football".
      • Running or swimming?
      • Coffee or tea?

While you are playing the game and asking the questions, please make sure to emphasize that the questions and the answers need to be appropriate for the chat.

While I provided some questions, it's always fun to come up with some of your own! Post them below in the comments. Make sure they're appropriate! Additionally, you can answer other questions that the users have posted. You can even answer the sample questions I provided.

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