Hello, DanceGuy151 here. I am here to talk about a wiki I've been working on, the Halsey Wiki. This wiki is dedicated to providing up to date information on the upcoming alternative artist, Halsey.

Who Is Halsey?

Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, is an artist quickly gaining traction in the alternative genre. In 2014, she rose to fame with her song Ghost. In 2015, Halsey released her platinum certified debut album Badlands, including the gold certified song New Americana as well as the song from The Huntsman, Castle. You most likely recognize Halsey from her platinum certified hit song Closer with The Chainsmokers. That's only a tiny bit of information on Halsey. Information on tours and her debut EP are located on the Wiki.

About The Wiki

The Halsey Wiki was founded in 2015, and I joined soon after and became an admin. Within a couple months, the wiki went inactive. I returned in 2016 to find many pages needing help and there was only one other active user. I adopted the wiki to become a bureaucrat in August, and promoted that user. Now there are the two of us admins, with a few other users every now and then. We are missing quite a few pages, and many pages are stubs. We need you to join, whether you're a massive fan or just found out about her today. You could help by fixing articles and helping us out. You could help provide information you know about Halsey. If you just found out about her, you may be interested in joining to learn more about her and possibly become a huge fan of her yourself.

The Halsey Wiki currently has over 70 pages on songs, albums, tours, interviews, and photo shoots. There are many photo shoots and interviews left to be added, and it would be a great help for people to join to add those. In the future, I would like the wiki to have a community of active users who love Halsey, and an article for everything that has to do with Halsey. I can only do that with your help!

If you're interested, go ahead and check the wiki out at this link!

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