Today we are introducing a new feature to our wikis: image slideshows! Slideshows are a new and engaging way to showcase your wiki's best images. They look great on main pages and are super easy to add.

To create a slideshow, click the "add gallery or slideshow" button (PhotosIcon) in the Rich text editor. This will allow you to select a group of images to include, and define their size and captions. Once you have made your slideshow, it will show on the saved page. You can watch the slideshow, click through the photos, and even "zoom" the slideshow to a bigger version by clicking the zoom icon. You can also convert an existing gallery to a slideshow (and vice-versa). To learn more, see the new help page here for more detailed info.

And, we aren't finished here! We plan to expand the your options for "normal" galleries soon, and are looking at improving gallery customization by adding a bit more color and improving the design.

We hope you enjoy the new slideshows as much as we do. They are a great way to show off the latest uploaded images, pro users, and current events. Feel free to share links to your favorite slideshow below. Here's a tutorial slideshow!


Wikia Product and Community Team

  • This is the screen you'll see when clicking the rich text editor "add gallery" button
  • You'll then see this screen prompting you to pick photos to add to your slideshow.
  • One you pick an image, give it a link and a caption!
  • Size them and save!

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