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One year ago this week, Wikia announced WAM (Wikia Activity Monitor), a unique way to track the health and well-being of Wikia communities. It gives each community a score between 0 and 100, based on a variety of measurements, including page views, contributions, and level of user activity.

Since WAM’s inception, it’s been incredible to see how many wikias not only appear in the WAM ranking but how many community members notice and track their own WAM scores. Over 10,000 wikias have cracked the ranking, from some of our oldest, most established communities to ones that were created just a few days ago.

As we mark the one year anniversary of unveiling WAM, we wanted to particularly celebrate the handful of wikias that have managed to climb atop the rankings. Out of over 300,000 Wikia communities, sixteen have proven themselves to be the 'best of the best'. So today, we have created the WAM Hall of Fame, an enshrinement of all wikias that have previously had a #1 WAM score. As new communities reach the #1 rank, they will be added to the Hall.

So congratulations to the first class of the WAM Hall of Fame! If your wikia hasn’t quite reached #1 status quite yet, consider this just another reason to keep working at it! Building out your content, sharing your community on social media, and creating a welcoming place for users to visit and stay will not only lead to a better WAM rank, but a thriving space that you can be proud of. How has your wikia used WAM in the last year?

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