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  • CzechOut

    FANDOM empowers you to add video directly into your articles, bringing them to life in ways that text or even images alone can't always accomplish. And as video becomes a more dominant part of audience expectations online, people will stay on your community longer if they have the right videos to watch.

    That's why video is becoming an increasingly important part of FANDOM's content. While Featured Videos have been a major driver behind this shift, communities also have the ability to add additional videos anywhere they want on the page. Communities like Thomas & Friends and Tardis have taken full advantage of this for several years. By now, they have vast numbers of videos all across their content.

    These video-rich communities are a great exa…

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  • CzechOut

    Progressive Design

    October 17, 2017 by CzechOut

    What can you do to make your wiki attractive and readable for the widest group of readers? Develop platform-independent design guidelines. This may require breaking with some old habits, but you’ll get a larger audience in return.

    This blog will give you the essentials of progressive design. See here for the in-depth version.

    Navboxes are groups of lists of short links packed into a layout table. They are not mobile friendly.

    • If an article is part of a group of articles, consider whether that navbox group should be a category instead.
    • If an article is part of a group, but has an ordered relationship with others—like previous/next—it's best to put the navigation in an infobox.

    Tabbers can be an effective way of displaying information. But it’s i…

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  • CzechOut

    Ensuring that your content and our product is compatible with any kind of device has become an important part of development here at Fandom powered by Wikia. Everything we build has device compatibility in mind. One of the most important tools we've developed is the portable infobox -- part of a larger effort to ensure that all of your wiki's infobox content displays well on anything from a phone to a refrigerator.

    We often get asked how much portable infoboxes can be customised. Lots of communities want extra functionality in their infoboxes, but many of those don't exist in the default infobox style. Even those of you who are more comfortable in the stylistic manipulation of portable infoboxes might have more questions about things like c…

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  • CzechOut

    One of the opportunities that comes with switching to portable infoboxes is that you can reconsider the way your whole community looks. That may sound daunting, but it can be highly rewarding. As the most dominant element on most pages, infoboxes are usually where the readers' eyes are drawn — and so they are naturally part of the stylistic core of any community.

    It's easy to forget that the central "S" in "CSS" stands for style. We just go around, picking colors out of a hat, choosing styles at random. But, particularly when it comes to infoboxes, your life will be exceptionally easier if you take your time and consider your infoboxes a holistic system of design elements. After all, knowing which brushes to buy and which paint to use makes you…

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  • CzechOut

    Leveraging Lifestyle wikis

    January 11, 2014 by CzechOut

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