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Hello everyone!

Time always does fly and we’re facing the end of the Pride Month. As we announced three weeks ago, it’s been 21 days of celebration, discovery, visibility, product recommendations, absorbing discussions, fun and joy... but there is still more to come!

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The Community Team is always trying to perform exciting 'only on Fandom' initiatives and experiences, and we also love to hear your opinion and suggestions for future plans! As a quick catch-up, for Pride Month we already launched the introductory blog post with recommendations. We also performed 2 roundtables on Discord with our favorite franchises, IPs and characters, and we have another two in the works for this week and the next one (and I definitely recommend you attend!). In addition, we announced an incoming bracket tournament on Drag Race Wiki, but also new surprises ready to come soon!

Today, we’re launching an additional initiative for Pride Month: special designs for your wikis! Some users and admins have been discussing with us about a significant, meaningful but also cool way to join us and support this cause, and we agreed on the task of refreshing some of our top and trending communities with the rainbow flag theme. Throughout these days, some communities have already decided to take this action, and we’ve also been helping other ones with our resources. Currently, 51 wikis are already showing their Pride themed design, and we encourage all of you to also be part of our plan.

It’s up to you to decide the way your wiki community wants to support the LGBTQIA+ community with a design refresh: you can just change or adapt your logo, use our existing Pride logo or the Fandom flame logo, and also do a complete redesign of your themes, backgrounds and Main Pages. Any small step you take means a lot to us, and we commit to compile all the changes on your wikis in this blog post - once you’ve shared them using the Comments section.

Gallery of designs

Closing remarks

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We would like to remind you that this is just an extra and small initiative we wanted to show you to embrace all of our beloved communities in the same place, but the efforts don’t stop there. Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community - among other causes and collectives - means a lot of you can take other significant actions: supporting businesses, donating to charities or organizations, doing your part to amplify their voices and create safe and inclusive spaces, etc.

Finally, if you want to learn more about LGBTQIA+ culture and history, we definitely recommend checking and using the following resources: the LGBTQIA+ Resources on Community Central, the LGBTQIA+ Wiki or the Gender Identity Guidelines. Happy Pride Month, and share the love!

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Fandom Staff
Héctor Donís is one of the Community Managers at Fandom. He has been a Fandom user since 2007. He loves video games, music, sports, movies, TV... and everything that can be fun! He has been working as a Fandom staff since 2011, initially helping the Spanish community.
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