I'm happy to announce to our community that Wikia will be moving our 500+ domains from GoDaddy due to their support for SOPA legislation now working its way through the United States House of Representatives.

If you're familiar with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), you'll understand how flawed the legislation is, and how negative it could be for the entire Wikia community. For those of you who have not heard of SOPA or its sister bill Protect-IP Act (PIPA) currently in the United States Senate please take a look at the IP Law Wiki ( -- it's a good place to get educated. If laws like SOPA or PIPA were to be actually passed, it is likely that sites with extensive user generated content like Wikia, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc would not be able to exist in their current state or possibly not at all.

Suffice it to say that Wikia will not be doing business with companies like GoDaddy who have been enthusiastic supporters of the legislation -- helping to write it, taking a public stance in support of it -- all the while knowing they would benefit in unfair way from an amendment that exempts themselves from the legislation.

There has been a tidal wave of companies moving domains from GoDaddy based on their SOPA position and because of this backlash, they "recanted" their support for SOPA today. However, the executives who enthusiastically supported it are still there and they still have their SOPA exemption, so Wikia's position on GoDaddy will not change. We will begin moving our domains to another registrar early in January.

I would love to challange the Wikia community to get educated on SOPA and PIPA and contact your representatives and tell them you oppose these ill concieved laws.

Craig Palmer, CEO Wikia

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